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Trading for over 20 years, Lasers Edge is made up of a team of dedicated workers that specialise in eLearning creation, alterations and advice. We promise to ensure your eLearning is created within time and on budget whilst not losing sight of your ultimate goal - training your team/staff.

We have a diverse range of services available that can be tailored to every businesses needs including;
E-Learning, Website creation, One on one training and even Strength Profiling. But that isn't all! We can also provide any other solutions to meet your needs such as Interactive PDF's, HTML Pages, Facilitator/Training Guides and lots more.


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Lasers Edge specialises in giving clients a multi-faceted experience they will find nowhere else;
- E-learning content creation using Captivate, Storyline or Lectora.
- Other solutions such as Interactive PDF's, HTML Pages, Facilitator/Training Guides.
- Website creation, alterations and advice using the Webflow application.
- One on one training in the use of Captivate, Storyline and Lectora.
- Giving advice on creating eLearning and the things a client will need to consider.
- Teaching clients how to use their employees strengths to improve productivity.


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